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What if you only had 7 days to make a video game and you decided to make a point & click text adventure for Game Boy using GB Studio, fully typeset on a typewriter, and with no second draft. All improvised, so you end up writing about taking over hell and fighting god. Wouldn't that be f*cked up?

Well that's what I did!! I signed up for the 2022 Bad Game Jam hosted by the B.A.D. Collective; 7 days later and 7 dollars short, I now have my first real video game "You Are a Skeleton & That Is a Problem". I had a lot of fun making it (I went through a whole typewriter ribbon for it!) and I hope you have fun playing it.

It's bad, but it's so bad it's good.

p.s. if u like the game enough to donate a couple bucks, i would appreciate it :)


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I feel like the GB library was lacking a narrative path-based adventure like this, and I also liked the type face and arrangement of the text.


This is actually a legitimately fun experience. It reminds me of like, ad hoc D&D sessions you'd have as a kid in the car or cafeteria or some other place where you didn't have dice or books or anything and were just doing whatever for the hell of it. The whole vibe is very casual, very anti-professional, anti-commercial; the result of some purely creative mind let loose on a new medium with no expectations or fucks given. Great work!


thank you so much :)

it was as fun to make as it feels to play honestly. i only hope i can capture this free-wheeling vibe in my future GB Studio projects


Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


this genuinely made my day :)))


This games great. Found it on https://sites.google.com/student.cms.k12.nc.us/play/games-all-unblocked/you-are-...

Seems like a first grader in sunday school was bored and came up with this. I love it. Its sad I dont know what a gameboy is. but great game.


Now a real comment after ending the whole game.

Story: 10/10 

The story is so random. And really random. But with sense. This story is really made in a way where, master of hell kills an economic sistem or get glasses from god (really god glasses) just to be tricked by a dog making soup. It surprised me even in the last of ending. I just can say. Thanks 

Flow: 10/10

Again. The story and the position of the options is the best. So replaying is so easy. And coming back to your last choise to change it and see more. Is so easy. Is almost automatic after you get it. Replaying a point and click gameboy game never was that easy and funny

Controls: 10/10 

I never thought that the best way to make an interactive story was the point and click on gameboystudio i dont know if you are the first but you are the first i saw (and i saw a lot) so. Extra points on that.

Graphics: 10/10

The style is awesome. I dont know if you made it by hand (if you read this please tell me) or with automatic pixel art tool. But in both case. The style is so simple but surprising how the same style can be turn in a lot of ways so it doesnt gets boring. Easy to read. The way you but the words fullfilling the screen making easier to read. It was well made.

Duration: 10/10

Not too long to make it repetitive but enough to feel full when you end it. I felt it like a travel. A good travel.  I joked with a secuel but i think that is enough. Really enjoyable.

Last word: Play it. Is not that becoming an skeleton. But of course. It is a problem.


I made myself an account just to this. As a gameboy games fan, i have to say. What a (as our kids says in this days) wicked *ss game. (Does the kids say that?) Awesome game i wait the sequel. I think this could be a Call of duty killer. Want more games like this. Send aunt Elloisr a kiss from mom. 


I killed God with lies


Unironically this game has made me want to make my first game 

so thanks for that

it's real cool!


omigosh this amazing... i don't think there is a game in the world the looks and feels like this...


The Wizard of Lies!!! *shakesfistinKHAAAANNN*


spoopy music r8 8/8